"It's Alive"
Work Journal

In May 2002, I began teaching character design, storyboarding and animation for the Computer Animation program at Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario.

In order to fully understand the outcomes that the students were to have, I was given the opportunity to take the Maya course over the summer of 2002.

This allowed me to finally produce a film that I have been wanting to complete for the past 15 years. During my time at Sheridan College I had neither the time or support to do this. What I want to show here, in these pages is the results of the 16 week course. Hopefully it will give you some insights into what the course and program are all about. You might even want to come out to the college to visit and take a look around.

Below are the links to the various stages that I went thorough in the course as well as the production of the film. I hope you have fun looking around.

A little background
Introduction to the course May 31/02
What Have I gotten myself into?? June 7/02
I need some paper June 14/02
Revising the storyboards June 21/02
Skeletons in the closet June 28/02
Building the sets July 5/02
Rendering is fun July 12/02
Who turned on the lights? July 19/02
Revisions, revisions July 26/02
Building the characters Aug 2/02
Leica reels Aug 9/02
Animation Aug 16/02
Sound Aug 23/02
Rendering Aug 30/02
More Rendering Sept 6/02
Wrapping It Up Sept 13/02
Final Words
Sound and Music Mix
Leica Reel #2
Rendered Leica Reel #3
Original Animation

The Finished Film

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