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September 6th, 2002
week 15

This week was spent touching up all the lighting and getting the textures
on all the surfacesjust right. Up to this point things were moving at a fairly
good pace. Now, it’s slowed downto a painful crawl. Lighting is, by far the
most picky part of the entire process. Shifting thelights around just a little
here and a bit there, adjusting the intensity and colour. Theresults look
really good but it’s just soooo time consuming.

Mark has been working away on the various special effects of rain, clouds,
flames throughoutthe film, and the dry ice effect for the beakers in scene
3. He’ll try out something, do aquick render and show it to me, then we’ll
do revisions over and over until it looks good.Having Mark work on this
part of it is a real bonus as I’m not knowledgeable enough inthis area at this

The effects and lighting really add a lot of depth and atmosphere to the
entire film. It reallyis starting to come “alive”.

The final timed out leica reel was sent off to Luc so he can begin to write
the music. We hada telephone conversation to discuss exactly what it was
that I wanted in the sound and toneof the various sections. He’s going to
try to have a rough track ready for me by next week.I can’t wait to hear it.

I keep going back over the whole thing trying to think of little things that
will help make thefilm better. Not from a story or timing point of view,
but rather the final aesthetic look. Ikeep wanting to go back and add a bit
of polish here and there.

I’ll have lots more renders next week as we begin to wrap things up. For
now, here are someof the scenes that are close to completion.

Click here to see Effects Renderings.

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