"It's Alive"
Work Journal

Sept 13th, 2002
week 16

Wrapping it up

This was the long tedious week of making sure everything was completed and then just sitting around while the computers chugged away.

Mark worked away at the special effects while I put together the final leica reel. As each scene was finished rendering, Mark would send it over to my computer and I'd import it into Premier. This is where all the fine tune cutting took place. Each scene was "locked down" as far as the timing goes, but when I was animating I always added a few frames in front and behind just so I would have the flexibility to shift things slightly if I wanted to.

After all the scenes had been cut in, we noticed a few glitches here and there with the renders. On a couple of scenes, the textures on the walls just didn't get rendered, so they flash for a couple of frames. We'll go back and rerender those individual frames later.

We then made a quicktime movie. The first try crashed the computer after 6 hours. We set it up again on 3 different computers hoping one of them would do the job. When we came in the next morning, tow of the computers had crashed but the third made it through.

I still need to add the music track and then do the final sound mix and it will be all ready for viewing.

When it is all done (hopefully by the end of Oct.) it will be on the Seneca website. I'll place a link to it from the homepage for all to see.

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