"It's Alive"
Work Journal

Final Music and Sound Mix

The sound and music were the final pieces to be put into the film. During the actual production I did the voices and sound effects and laid them all in to the tracks in Premier. The voices, I recorded on my Mac Powerbook using SoundEdit 16. They sounded good on the crappy speakers on the computer but later on when Luc Arsenault was doing the mixing he let me hear them on his speakers and there was a lot of hissing and clicks from the hard drive on the laptop. He cleaned all of that up very nicely.

The sound effects were either from the internet, chopped up and modified in SoundEdit or they came from my mouth. Again, Luc took these and either cleaned them up or redid them to make them nicer.

I went into his studio on Weds. Nov. 13th and we did a few touch ups, adjusted the sound levels, did the stereo left and right panning and fixed a few timing issues. I left the final mix up to him to do. So, the sound should be ready some time next week (nov.18 - 22). Once I have the final sound on a CD, I'll pop it into the leica reel and print out the final product.

Of course I still have about 8 minor fixups that need to be done on the visual part. Mark has said that he would take care of these. Stuff like rain effect fix ups, texture drop outs on a few frames and shadows that didn't turn out quite right.

I'm projecting that it will be web ready by the beginning of December, so stay tuned.

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