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Leica reels

August 9th, 2002
week 11

I received some bonus help from one of my fellow students who has some
background with SoftImage. He basically built my skeletons for both of
the characters. He and Mark helped to solve the problem with the arms by
parenting the sleeve geometry to the body geometry, so the arms float all
over the place, anywhere I want them to without separating from the body
mass. There is no skeletalconnection from the spine to the arms. We had
to go through a few test runs and revisions to get everything to work just
right but they now movegreat. I did a couple of test walk and run cycles
that looked neat.

I’ve redone the leica reel again with all the new shots added and some of the
pan shots roughed in. The whole film has now puffed out to 2 minutes. I
contacted that fellow, (Luc Asenault) about doing the music and he was very
enthusiastic about the project. I met with him on Friday to go through the
leica reel and discuss some ideas that I had. He suggested that he could write
a type of “theme” music for each character for the periods that they are on
screen. This would work well because the first part of the film is Fritz, then
Igor is introduced and then Igor goes to the roof by himself. The final section
is mostly of Fritz.He has told me that it would take about two weeks after he
gets the finaltimed leica reel with animation. I figure that I should be able to
get to that point in about two weeks.

We discussed a price depending on how full the orchestration and length of
music would be. I really want this to be nice, so I figure, since this is my only
real expense other than my own time and effort, it would be worth it.

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