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I need some paper

June 14th, 2002
week 3

We've been introduced to the wonderful world of the skeleton. Doing some simple setups, learning about parenting geometry, forward kinetics, invese kinetics, point vector locators. It all sounds wonderful. Now if I can just get it to work.

We were given a skeleton to do a walk cycle along with some reference images of a character walking. I started using them but then I realized, "I know how to do a walk cycle! Why am I copying this one?" So I did 3 of my own variations which turned out really good. They only took me 5 days to do them. I need some paper! I'd have finished those walk cycles in a day! Sheesh!

One other thing they neglected to tell me when I started this course is that all my dreams will be in computer grid form. I can't stop dreaming about these stupid things; fK, iK, skeletons, constraints, character sets, graph editor... "it's your best friend".

I'm losing a lot of sleep over this stuff.

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