"It's Alive" Rough Render Leica Reel

This is the rough render leica reel.

I took single frames from the renders I had done throughout the film and pieced them together to see how the colors and lighting were working in sequence.

This allowed me to double check to see if textures were consistant, lighting placement was correct and camera angles worked.

This way I didn't need to render out the entire scene and waste valuable time if there were any changes to be made (and there sure were a lot of them).

Click on the controls to view the leica reel
As you can see there are little or no special effects at this point. The rain effects were added in the last stage of production. The lightning effects were generated using the dynamics tools.

A couple of scenes were not finished and so were not included in the reel.

The titles and credits were added at the end of the production.

Some of the scenes, such as the staircase are shown in their non-textured form. The scene where Igor gets electrocuted was finished at the very end of the production. I took rendered key frames from the scene, printed them out and then hand animated the skeleton. These were then scanned back in, shaded in Photoshop and composited over the animation with a slight transparency.

As I mentioned before, some of the scenes were animated traditionally, as that was my original intention for the film. You can see this animation by clicking on the link below.

Original Animated Scenes

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