"It's Alive"
Work Journal


August 23rd, 2002
week 13

I took a trip through the Internet one night to hunt down some sound effects.
I found almost everything I needed at 6 different sites. The most fun was
coming across one site that had archived William Shatner butchering “Lucy
in the Sky With Diamonds” and “Mr. Tambourine Man”, which I had heard
before when I was in college and he also had “Rocket Man” which was
absolutely astounding! Here’s a link to it, enjoy.

It took about 4 hours to lay all the sounds, cut them to length, do all the
balancing and stuff. The only things missing from the internet are the wind
howling and the voices, obviously. I recorded these using my Powerbook 1400
with SoundEdit 16. I had to do them in the middle of the night so there was
no noise of the kids running around and stuff. My wife came out a couple of
times with “the look” because I was a bit too loud while doing Fritz yelling,
“It’s Alive, IT’S ALIVE!!” I saved them as WAV files and stuck them
into Premier with the leica reel.

The film has really come alive (heh, heh) with all the sounds in now. All the
timing is locked down and it’s ready for the music.

Our instructor, Mark has been playing around with some of the effects that
are going to be needed in the film; rain, mist, flames on torches and bunson
burners, lightning and a dry ice effect for the stuff boiling in the beakers in
the lab. I keep going back to the “Rust Boy” site for inspiration. He has
some beautiful rendering and nice effects.

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