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What have I gotten myself into??

June 7th, 2002
week 2

After a nice relaxing weekend of sleeping, I came back this week with a renewed sense of worth and purpose, thinking, "I can do this! I'm not going to let this course beat me!" ooh how my brain hurts. Everyone who has taken the course is telling me there is a very steep learning curve and things will get easier. I listen to this all week and I think I'm buying it. Then someone overhears the conversation where one of the former students says, "It'll get easier." and he pipes in, "No it doesn't."

We did some simple assignments; moving a flour sack and getting it to jump up over a box. I get cocky and do a bunch of camera cuts (cause I found out how to use the camera, hah!)

Actually, one of the upsides to all this is that many of my former students in Classical Animation have taken the Computer course earlier and visit. When they see me, they are nice enough to offer any assistance they can, so I just ask as many questions as I can on all sorts of stuff.

The other assignment is to move around a lamp similar to the "Luxo Jr." lamp by Pixar. I'm getting it to move but I'm approaching the animation all wrong and practically keying out each and every frame. I can't seem to stop myself even though I know better.

Our instructor Mark Schmidt is really good at explaining all the different aspects of the program. His lectures are incredibly intense. Lots of excellent information!

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