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In this new section of the website you'll be able to access some really neat free learning materials that will assist you in your studies. If you're already enrolled in an animation school somewhere, this information will suppliment the stuff you're getting in class from your instructors.

I've been teaching animation now for 23 years at Seneca, Humber and Sheridan College so I know how it works when you're in school. The instructor's try their hardest to give you as much information as they can without frying your brain but they usually don't give you everything because it would physically be too much.

In this section of the website I want to try to give you as much stuff as you can take. Feel free to print stuff off, download the examples and pictures, pass it around to your friends, whatever. The main thing here is that I want to help you learn.

Dig right in.

(If you have any suggestions about stuff you'd like to see here, let me know with an e-mail to: brianlemay@rogers.com.)



Seneca Animation Courses

Principles of Animation

Inbetweening Basics

Portfolio Tips

Portfolio Reviews

Suggested Reading

How Much Are You Worth?

How Stuff Happens

Finding Your Character's Balance

Humber Animation Courses


Humber Production Design Courses


Humber 4th Semester Production Art


Extra Bonus Perspective Drawing


Capstone Portfolio Assignment Course




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