2015/16 Production Art Course Outline

Over the second semester you will be learning the basic principles of perspective through a series of assignments that will be given out on a weekly basis.

Each class will start in the lecture room and attendance will be taken. If you stop showing up to class, I will assume that you are no longer interested and plan to withdraw from the program. Do not show up in the final class and ask, "What can I do to get a passing grade?" (It has happened before and I will not accomodate you.)

You will need to bring your paper, pencils, eraser, ruler and notebook along with your Layout and Perspective textbooks.

There will typically be a lecture and in-class demo during which you will be expected to participate and ask questions. Once the lecture is over, you will begin working on the assignment. During a review week, Brian will look over your drawings with you one-on-one and give you feedback and revision suggestions if necessary.

Note: If your assignment is not handed in by the deadline (beginning of class) you will be deducted 10%. If it has not been received by e-mail by the start of class time the next day it will be deducted 20% By the next day start of class time 30%, and so on until the 5th day at which point it will lose 50%. Late assignments will still be graded normally but then the penalty will be applied after. For example: your assignment is graded as being worth 67% but you were 3 days late (-30%). Your final assignment grade is then entered as 37%.

To submit late work by e-mail, your artwork must be in .jpeg format - compressed no larger than 5MB. Send the file to: brianlemay@rogers.com If the file is unreadable, I will send you an e-mail to let you know and you must send me a proper file otherwise the deductions will continue.

While it is understood that you also have other courses which may have assignment deadlines that may be due later the same day or later in the week, it is expected that you learn to budget your time properly. Production Art class time is for Production Art, not any other course. If you are working on something not related to Production Art, you are wasting the instructor's time with you.

Perspective is made up of some very simple rules. For some people, this comes easy. For others, it can be a very difficult and frustrating experience. I will do everything I can, short of doing the drawings for you to try and help you through the process. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own work.

Week 1
Weds Jan 13th & Fri Jan 15th
• General introduction and overview of course
• Hand Slap animation assignment (10%)
Due week 3

Week 2
Weds Jan 20th & Fri Jan 22nd
• Hand Slap animation review
• One & Two Point Perspective review
• 10 One Point Boxes & 10 Two Point Boxes Assignment (5%)
Due Week 3

Week 3
Weds Jan 26th & Fri Jan 29th
• Hand in Hand Slap animation
• Hand in 10 One Point & Two Point Boxes
• 10 Objects lecture & demo
5 One point Objects (10%)
5 Two point Objects (10%)

Week 4
Weds Feb 3rd & Fri Feb 5th
• Review & grade Objects
• One Point Room lecture (10%)

Week 5
Weds Feb 3rd & Fri Feb 5th
• Review & grade Objects
• Two Point Room lecture (10%)

Limbo Week
Weds Feb 15th - Fri Feb 19th
• No classes this week

Week 6
Weds Feb 24th - Fri Feb 26th
• Final day to hand in 10 Object drawings
• Review One and Two Point Rooms
• Pirate Cabin lecture (10%)
• Shot Selection lecture

Week 7
Weds Mar 2nd - Fri Mar 4th
• Introduction to Layout Principles
• Review One and Two Point Rooms
• Review Pirate Cabin

Week 8
Weds Mar 9th - Fri Mar 11th (Fri last day to drop class without academic penalty)
• Hand in One and Two Point Rooms
• Review Pirate Cabin
• Private Eye Office lecture

Week 9
Weds Mar 16th - Fri Mar 18th
• Review Private Eye Office
• Hand in Pirate Cabin
• Sewer lecture

Week 10
Weds Mar 23rd - Fri Mar 25th (Good Friday - No classes)
• Review work in progress - open class on Wednesday only

Week 11
Weds Mar 30th - Fri April 1st
• Research
• Cinemagraphic Planning
• Hand in Private Eye Office
• Review Sewer
• Spaceship Engine Room lecture

Week 12
Weds April 6th - Fri April 8th
• Review Sewer
• Review Spaceship Engine Room

Week 13
Weds April 13th - Fri April 15th
• Hand in Sewer
• Review Spaceship Engine Room

Week 14
Weds April 20th - Fri April 22nd
• Hand in Spaceship Engine Room
• Final day to hand in any missing assignments

Hand Slap Animation - 10%
10 One Point Boxes & 10 Two Point Boxes- 5%
5 One Point Objects - 10%
5 Two Point Objects - 10%
One Point Room - 10%
Two Point Room - 10%
Layout #1 Pirates Cabin - 10%
Layout #2 Private Eye Office - 10%
Layout #3 Sewer - 10%
Layout #4 Spaceship Engine Room- 15%

Incomplete assignments will not recieve a grade and will be subject to the -10% deduction penalty per day up to 5 days. All elements of each assignment must be handed in otherwise it is "incomplete" i.e. - the 20 One Point Box assignment is made up of 10 boxes, handing in only 9 is considered an "incomplete" assignment. Likewise, the One and Two Point Room assignment is to be completed with a final black clean-up line - handing in the assignment in rough blue pencil is considered "incomplete". You must submit all the required elements before a grade can be assessed. Late assignments can only receive a maximum grade of 50% if they have gone 5 days beyond the deadline. (Deductions will still be made for errors. If an assignment is graded as though it was on time and receives a grade of 75%, this will be noted on the grade sheet but the final grade will be input as 50%. If the assignment is graded below 50%, meaning that it has failed to meet the minimum requirement for a passing grade, 40% for example, the grade of 40% will be input.)

If at the end of the semester, you have any missing assignments you will NOT recieve a final grade until they are submitted. All missing assignments must be handed in during class in week 15. Anything beyond this point will not be accepted. If, after having submitted all missing assignments, the total grade is at least 50% you will move on to 2nd year. However, if the total grade is below 50% you must repeat the semester.

At the end of the semester I often have students who will come to me and say, "I'll do anything to pass!" and, "I can't afford to fail!" If you actually will "do anything", then do your assignments on time through the semester. Waiting until the very end simply proves that you are not ready at this point to continue on with the program and need to reassess you time management skills and consider whether or not this is really where you should be. Someone who has comitted their money should also be willing to put in the required amount of time and work and skill to successfully demonstrate their willingness and ability to move forward. If you are trying to do it all at the last minute, then clearly you have not.

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