Preliminary M.A.D. Agents:

How I got the job designing the characters

Fred and Dick

Pops and Slick

Lenny and Squirt

Jarvis and Bruce

Squirt in Science Fiction costume

M.A.D. Submarine & M.A.D. Captain

Quimby disguised as a boat

Gadget Storyboards

Complete list of Gadget's gadgets

Assorted Agents:

Very 1st M.A.D Agents

Squirt as alien

Abdul as ship hand

Fred and Lennie in disguise

Squirt in clown outfit

Fred as M.A.D. security guard

Movie Director M.A.D. agent

Greenfinger agent

Miscellaneous M.A.D. agents

Ringmaster M.A.D. agent

Presto-Change-O and others

Female M.A.D. agent

The "Rat" and other characters

M.A.D. robot and movie director

Here's a big chunk of assorted background characters and animals

Screen captures from some of the shows

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