M.A.D Agents

This first one is M.A.D. Agent "Fred". He was the very first design that I did for the Inspector Gadget Show.

You'll notice that Gadget has a moustache on these model sheets. For the first little while in preproduction he had a thin moustache. He never had one on the actual show itself.

The second agent here is Dick. As I was working on the designs I tried purposely to make each agent completely different physically from each other.

The names were made up by me just so I could identify them easily. The writers then began to use them in their scripts if they knew just who they wanted doing what.

In the actual shows themselves, they were never referred to as "Dick , Fred" or whatever by the Claw or each other.

The model sheets were usually drawn as a rotation like this with Gadget for a size comparison. All model sheets were 8 1/2" x 11" in size and in black and white.

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