M.A.D Agents

These two guys are Pops and Slick. As I mentioned on the last page, I was just trying to give the characters a lot of contrast in both their physical size and their ages.

This worked out pretty good later on as the shows developed. The writers could pick and choose the type of M.A.D. agent that they wanted in a particular circumstance. The agents were sometimes paired together but more often than not, they were used as background fillers.

Out of all the characters designed for the show, these M.A.D. agents were the one's that were animated the most faithfully to my original drawings.

In many cases, the drawings that I did were used as inspirational designs for the animators who did the final design sheets overseas. This bugged me a bit after we saw the first few shows but then I just figured, what the heck, I'm still getting paid.

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