Inspector Gadget Storyboards
These storyboards are from the first season of the Inspector Gadget show produced in 1983 at Nelvana in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I did not do these storyboards, in fact I didn't do any storyboard work on this show at all. I just found these in a file folder a little while ago and thought that some people might like to see them from a production point of view.

The three pages shown here are from the show#28 titled Bermuda Triangle. The pages shown here are 27, 28 and 33.

I did the design for the peg legged mad agent in the third panel here.

According to my personal work log for this show, I had to design the following:

- Electro Magnetic Crane
- Front end loading Garbage truck
- Sophisticated Police boat
- One man submarine
-M.A.D. submarine
(big enough to swallow oil tanker)
- Ocean liner
- Steam ship
- Freighter
- Small sail boats
- Cruser boats
- Pedal boat
- Police helicopter
- Coast Guard cutter
- Life raft
- Gadget's animal life saver

- Dolphins (friendly)
- Sharks (mean)

- Quimby as a boat
- Brain as:
- Vent on a boat
- Deep sea diver

M.A.D. Agents:
(Disguised in science fiction outfits with gas masks)
- Fred
- Squirt
- Dick
- Jarvis
- Bruce (Captain of Submarine)
- Lenny & Pops as junkyard workers
- Slick with scar on face

Special M.A.D. Agent:
- Captain of oil tanker

This was a pretty big show as far as all the stuff to be designed was concerned. Most of the shows didn't have nearly as much machenery in it but the number of costume designs for brain and the M.A.D. Agents was always about the same.

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