Inspector Gadget Screen Captures

Here's the rough drawing of the Ringmaster that I did.

This is Fred (on the left) and Dick (behind) from the show "Down on the Farm" This was the very first show I worked on.

This is a rather rare group shot of almost all the agents together at the same time. Usually they were only paired up in twos or threes.
From left to right are Jarvis, Squirt, Slick (with grey hair for some reason), Dick (behind) and Pops in front. Missing are Fred, Bruce and Lenny.

This is the Amazon Queen agent. I wasn't really good at girls, so I asked Charlie Bonifacio to help me out and he came up with the general design
which I then modified slightly.

This is the mechanical Loch Ness Monster. I had a lot of fun with this design and they stuck to it exactly.

These are a couple of scientists that the Claw kidnaps. The one on the left is designed after Albert Einstein and the one on the right was designed after Groucho Marx.

These are some Scottish locals. I designed the girl and old man in the center and I guess someone else at the studio in Taiwan did the others.

The mechanical Gadgets were my designs and they stuck to those exactly.

I was really rushed on this show (the second one I worked on). I hadn't really gotten used to the pace of the production and I very quickly drew two drawings of the lion which I was not very pleased with.


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