Assignment 14a
Assistant Animator Level

This assignment has 12 rough primary keys and 14 secondary keys. I'll also provide you with the first two keys cleaned up and the last one as well.


Get .pdf version of the Keys

You are to clean up all the rough keys to match the three cleaned keys provided.

Here's another clean up assignment. This one is a bit more difficult than the last one in that, as you look at the drawings, you can see that the details on the character start to drop off quite a bit. The legs are reduced to just two lines and he loses his clothing. It will be up to you to fill all this stuff in. There's not a huge amount of movement in the body, just up and down and forward and back a bit. The character has a slight shift out of their original foot placement so watch for that. Even between the first two keys, there is a shift on the lower part of his body that you need to deal with. The key thing to watch out for on this assignment is the volumes on the character. Ther head tends to shrink and grow a bit throughout, so be sure to always be going back to the original cleaned up keys that I did as a guide for the proper sizing. Obviously there's a bit of squash and stretch going on because of the lip sync, but try to maintain the volume.

In the first couple of keys, you'll notice that I drew in two sets of hands; one longer than the other. I went with the shorter pair to keep the character on model. These are some things that you will need to deal with in the remaining keys as well because, I didn't necessarily keep them consistant. Use your best judgement here.

Be sure to keep flipping the drawings all the time to maintain the model.

You can either do all the primary keys first, then go back and fill in the secondary keys, or just go through all the keys in order. (I've only shown the rough primary keys here on this page. All the keys are in the .pdf file.

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