Assignment 15a
Assistant Animator Level

This assignment has 28 rough drawings. I'll also provide you with the first three drawings cleaned up.


Get .pdf version of all the drawings

You are to clean up all the rough drawings to match the three cleaned drawings provided (there are more drawings than are shown here in the .pdf file).

This animation is different from the other assignments you've had previously in that these are all straight ahead animation as opposed to key poses.

Straight ahead basically means that the drawings were done in order from the beginning to the end. Only the drawings labeled 'a', 'b', and 'c' are inbetweens put in after the fact to slow the action down. Straight ahead animation is used when there are no clearly definable "key" poses or "extremes" that the character hits into. It's usually used in instances like this where a character trips or stumbles and things are flying and flopping all over the place with tons of overlapping animation.

The fun part about this animation is all the goofy poses and facial expressions I put into it. I tried to make it look as painful as possible by snapping his body into all sorts of really weird positions. You'll also note that there is a lot of strobing and smears throughout. Have some fun with these as it allows you to go outside the usual rule of having to keep the character's volume the same.

Just start at the beginning and go right through to the end without skipping any drawings.

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