Assignment 7a
Intermediate Level

This assignment has two keys: #1, and 5. There are three inbetweens for this assignment.


Get .pdf version of Keys

You are to draw the 3 inbetweens according to the timing charts provided.

Here's an assignment that deals with the problem of rotating a head in three dimensions and keeping it looking nice and solid without the features slipping and distorting the model of the character. This one's not easy but you need to know how to do it.

If you look back at assignment 2a, the principle is exactly the same, it's just that now the sphere has facial features on it.

Begin with the path of action. Decide on how much of a curve it will be. Next deermine where the "half way" point is going to be.

Loosely sketch in the mass of the head and flip the drawings to see the action. Is this what you want? Make any changes as are necessary, until you are happy with the result.

Next, decide on the placement of the eye line and center line. How much will it rotate and how much drag will there be?

On this type of a head rotation, it's a good idea to keep the eyes closed until the favor inbetween, then open the eyes to about 3/4 open. Same thing with the mouth.


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