Assignment 4b
Introductory Level

This assignment has two keys: #1 and #5. There are three inbetweens for this assignment.

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You are to draw the 3 inbetweens. #3 is half and 2 and 4 are even quarters..

This assignment will involve a bit of a head tilt. In key #1, the bunny has his head tilted down with eyes closed and in key #5, his head is up and eyes are open.

For these inbetweens, you won't need to resort to the shift and trace method we used on the previous two assignments. The keys are fairly close together and the path of action is a very gentle 'C' curve.

There is a bit of overlapping action in the ears, so you might want to put just a slight bit of drag on the tips.

Since the eyes are closed in 1 and open in 5 you need to know how fast to poen them up. If you stick to a strict half-way inbetween, the character will look dopey as they rotate up. They will have sleepy half opened eyes in 3 and 1/4 closed in 2 and 3/4 open in 4. This won't look very good when it's shot (unless, that's what the scene calls for, of course).

To give them more pop, keep them closed on 2 and 3, then in 4 open them to a bit more than 3/4 open, like a favor to key 5.

Another variation on this would be to treat it like the eyes on the fish in assignment 3b. On inbetween #3, have the character's body go up beyond drawing 5 and then settle down on 4. Or even have it go up and beyond on #2 and then ease into #5. Or you could have it go up and beyond on #4 then hit down on 5. Lots ovf variations available here. It would really be the responsibility of the animator to provide the appropriate breakdown drawing indicating which inbetwee was to go beyond.

Give them all a try and see how you need to adjust the position of the ears to make it work properly.


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