Assignment 4a
Introductory Level

This assignment has two keys: #1 and #3. There is only one inbetween for this assignment.

Get .pdf version of Keys

You are to draw the 1 inbetween. #2 is half.

For this assignment, we're going to focus on line quality. As you can see, these two keys are cleaned up with a sharp black line as opposed to the other assignments that are still in rough/clean blue pencil.

I want you to do the inbetween here with a black 2B pencil.

You'll need to go a bit slower as you'll be doing the clean up at the same time. This is closer to what you would really be doing on a traditional 2D animation project.

There is a head shift and a tilt with some minor differences in the nose, mouth, and tongue areas.

Follow the same shift and trace method as in assignment 3b. You might want to use some tape to hold the lower part of the drawings in place so you can flip freely.

Go slow and match the line quality as closely as you can.


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