Overlapping Pendulum
For this assignment the student would be animating a pendulum swinging back and forth on a cycle but the arm of the pendulum will be flexible as though it was made of string.

Purpose and Principles Involved
This assignment will allow the student to create a much looser looking swing to the pendulum similar to the type of action found in the arms and legs of a character walk. The overlapping pendulum combines and adds to the information learned in the pendulum and seaweed assignments.

This is a slightly more complicated assignment than the pendulum swing and is given to allow to allow the student to continue to get used to all these basic principles:

The Effect of Gravity
• Realistic Timing
Use of Arcs
Slo-in and slo-out
• Use of the Repeat Cycle
Spatial Relationships
• Accuracy in Drawing
Reading and Following a Timing Chart
• Maintaining Volume and Proportions
Flipping Drawings
Overlapping Action
• Different Types of Paths of Action

Oct 17th lecture

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