Balloon Drop

For this assignment, the student is to animate a balloon floating to the ground and bouncing to a stop. The balloon should probably be thrown into the field from the side, slow and then drop to the ground. The student must portray the illusion that this is a very light object.

Because the action will be fairly slow, there will be a lot more drawings than would have used on the Bouncing Ball or Bowling Ball assignments.

Purpose and Principles Involved
This assignment will repeat the same principles as the other ball assignments with the emphasis on the first 3 principles listed here.

• The Effect of Gravity
• Weight
• Appropriate Timing
• Slo-in & Slo-out
• Keys
• Action
• Reaction
• Inbetweening
• Flipping Drawings
• Reading and Interpreting a Timing Chart
• Path of Action
• Arcs

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