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Introduction to Animation -
"Ball Bounce" DVD

This video is a basic introduction to the animation process.

This DVD is great for people who are just getting started in animation, whether you're in grades 6 - 12 or about to enter your first year in a college level animation program.

The first two chapters cover the complete process of making an animated cartoon, from script to character design, to storyboarding, to layout and into the animation department.

Brian then gets into the details of what "key animation" is all about. in chapter 3.

Chapter 4 is a clear explaination of timing charts, how to figure timing out, how to write a timing chart and all the subtle variations that are available.

In chapter 5 Brian explains the importance of exposure sheets.

The final chapter is all about animating the "Perpetual Ball Bounce" assignment. You watch the entire process from beginning to end with clear and understandable explainations the whole way.

This is the very first assignment that is given out in all animation schools because it covers some of the most basic principles, this DVD will help you ace it.

A must have DVD for everyone.

• Introduction to Animation - "Ball Bounce"
- available for $29.00 US (shipping included)
- 1 hours 43 min in length

E-mail me to order this DVD or any of the others now available.

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