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Animation Exercises -
"Descending Energy" DVD

This is the second in a series of DVD's focussing on the basic principles of animation.

This DVD is the follow up to the "Introduction to Animation - Ball Bounce" DVD. It is great for people who are just getting started in animation, whether you're in grades 6 - 12 or about to enter your first year in a college level animation program.

This DVD picks up where the last one left off. We begin with the explaination of descending energy and how it applies to our animation. Brian then shows how gravity effects different types of balls.

Brian then takes you through the descending energy ball bounce assignment discussing path of action and timing the action. You get to see the whole process from beginning to end right through to the final pencil test.

Next, Brian goes through the process of animating a balloon dropping - analyzing a real balloon and then deciding how to time it all out, key posing, inbetweening and final pencil test.

Brian then does the bowling ball drop following the same process.

Finally as an added bonus, Brian goes through a double ball bounce assignment and describes the principles of overlapping action and secondary action

These are usually the second, third and fourth assignments given out in most animation schools because it covers some of the most basic principles, this DVD will help you understand them even better.

A must have DVD for everyone.

• Introduction to Animation - "Descending Energy"
- available for $29.00 US (shipping included)
- 2 hours 4 min in length

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