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Intro to Lip Sync Part 2 -
"Absolutely Incredible" DVD

This video is an continuation of the introduction to Character Lip Sync animation.

It's over 2 hours packed with information to help you create your own animation of a character saying the words "absolutely incredible".

This DVD covers the process you would follow when using a given sound track. First we listen to a series of different tracks to hear inflections and character types. Next Brian goes through the exposure sheet explaining the soundtrack breakdown. About 1 hour of the DVD covers the process of rough animation, secondary action, and rough inbetweening. The second section goes through the assistant animator's job of cleaning up the keys (some very useful information on line quality here) and then the clean up inbetweener's thought process as they inbetween the cleaned up keys.

The final section shows all the different stages in pencil test form talking about the difference between shooting animation on one's or two's and taking the animation all the way to the final color stage with a background and the sound track synced to the animation.

All I can say is: this DVD is "AMAZING!" You can't find a tutorial DVD that comes anywhere near to covering this information as well. It's like you're right in the room with Brian as he talks directly to you about the whole process.

• Intro to Lip Sync Part 2 - "Absolutely Incredible"
- available for $29.00 US (shipping included)
- 2 hours 5 min in length

Also available right now:
• Intro to Lip Sync Part 1 - "Meow"
- available for $24.00 US (shipping included)
- 1 hour in length

Order both Parts 1 and 2 together and instead of paying $53.00 I'll make it $43.00 US total (shipping included) and you save $10.00 on the deal.

E-mail me to order one or both of these Items

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