Teddy Ruxpin Animation Posing

It was during this period of 1985 - 86 that I was probably the busiest I've ever been. I was working full time at Atkinsons on Teddy Ruxpin, I had a regular series of illustrations that I was doing for a magazine back in Toronto on a monthly basis. I illustrated 2 children's books, worked on character designs for a television series down in the States, wrote and illustrated 4 comic books, produced a set of audio tapes that went with the comics, did pre-production designs and storyboards for a half hour animated show and still found time to have fun.

At one point, I took a vacation from Atkinsons for a month to move down to Dallas, Texas and help on pre-production for another television series, doing character designs, location designs, rough scripting and preliminary storyboards.

None of these productions actually went anywhere but it was a neat experience working on them.

The Teddy show was unique in that it was a continuing series as opposed to just a bunch of situation half hour shows. Each show led into the next so that it told one really long story. The odd thing is that I have no memory of the overall plot of the show or even of how it ended. Seeing these animation poses jogs my memory but only because I can piece together what is happening when I see them in sequence again.

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