Teddy Ruxpin Animation Posing

As you might notice from this pose, there is a light underdrawing of the basic shapes of the character. In this drawing specifically you can see how there are two arm positions drawn as well as two balls. One is roughed in and the other has been cleaned up.

As I draw my poses, I find the basic pose first and lightly sketch it in. I then look at the drawing and ask myself, "Can I make this pose stronger?" In this case, I had the arm bent too much which would have put the bat behind his head. My decision was to straighten his arm out and create a stronger line of action so that it paralleled the path of action of the ball being hit.

Looking back at the pose now, I can see some mistakes in it such as the right arm being bent and looking too short, the right leg should also be back farther.

You can do this type of thing endlessly with your drawings, picking them apart, trying to find all the things wrong and forever trying to make it a better pose. But the reality is that you only have a certain amount of time to complete the job and get on with the next scene. I know it sounds like I'm passing the buck here but it is a building up process; each department trys to do a better job than the last one. Layout tries to make the poses more workable than the storyboard sketches. Animation posing tries to get the characters on model and into their key positions. The animators take the animation poses and try to make them stronger and animate them convincingly. It's all a team effort with each department building on the efforts of the previous artist.

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