Teddy Ruxpin Animation Posing

This is a reaction shot of the gang being told that their hot dogs are really those prickly plants. In the scenes between this one and the next one I have, it shows everyone who ate one of the fake hot dogs getting sick and rolling on the ground. For some reason, it didn't effect Grubby. I don't think Teddy or Gimmick ate theirs because they had to finish the game on their own.

Working on the Teddy Ruxpin show was a lot of fun. The studio was very closely knit. We did a lot of things together, like hockey, both ice and ball, baseball, skating on the Rideau Canal in the winter, lots of parties at local restaraunts.

We would also have quite a few theme days. The one I remember the most was the beach party day in the middle of the winter. We didn't go outside. We brought all our beach clothing and inflatable chairs, umbrellas and towels and had a beach party in the studio. Someone would bring a cooler and a stereo with Beach Boys music. We'd do a bit of work, then party for a bit, do some more work and party some more, it was great! I think that was when the studio was the most productive, when we were all having fun.

There were a few dark days as well, looming deadlines, revisions, the usual stuff that makes work so real.

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