Teddy Ruxpin Animation Posing

This pose shows Grubby turning and looking off screen to the left. The notation down at the bottom says, "Match cut from 275". This simply means that the first pose of this scene should be the same as the last pose in scene 275 where Grubby is looking to the right. The action arrow by his head indicates that he is turning his head during this scene.

When the animator gets this layout, they will know to go and talk to the animator who is doing scene 275 and get a copy of the final pose in the scene so that they can draw Grubby in the same pose and then animate him turning his head.

If this isn't done, Grubby's head will appear to pop around quite suddenly. The result will be what is known as a "jump cut", where the character seems to suddenly jump from one position to another. (This is not a good thing.)

Grubby was a neat character to draw with his 6 legs. Sometimes we'd have a bit of fun and draw him wearing high-heeled shoes or doing something werid with his feet if it was a waist-up shot (where you don't actually see his feet in the field of vision). We'd have contests to see who could come up with the goofiest poses.

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