Teddy Ruxpin Animation Posing

I remember, the first thing that I did when I became layout supervisor was to go back through all the previous shows and identify the commonly reused backgrounds. The most commonly reused background was the "sky-wash" series. There were 9 different stock background shots that I created for the show that were the simplest and probably most time and money saving layouts. These 9 layouts were sky-washes with clouds in different configurations. There were also 4 pan backgrounds: 1 horizontal, 1 vertical, and 2 diagonal. Each of these pans were 5 fields long and repeated so they could be used in really long scenes. Any time the gang went up in the balloon, there was bound to be some sky background behind them. Over the course of the 64 shows, this added up to be a lot of scenes. By reusing these sky BGs we eliminated the need to redraw them each time. It also eliminated the need for the BG to be painted the same number of times.

There were a lot of organizational things that needed to be taken care of as well as re-educating the layout artists on some of the tips and tricks that had been learned over the years. I wrote quite a few notes during that time period. These eventually became the basis for my layout course at Sheridan College and then later the first book, "Layout and Design Made Amazingly Simple".

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