Teddy Ruxpin Animation Posing

So, I phoned up the studio, cold and asked if there were any job openings. I was put through to the posing department and spoke to the head supervisor who just happened to be one of my college classmates at Sheridan. In our second year we worked on a group project together. 5 minutes later, I had a job and could I be there by the next monday?

I packed up enough stuff for a week and drove up. A wonderful 6 hours later I arrived and was given a desk and started key animating. The show was actually being animated overseas but in order to maintain control over the quality of the animation, they had a key posing department. This department took the layouts and layout poses and drew them on model and as keys. There were roughly 3 - 5 poses per scene, depending on the action taking place.

I had no place to stay but a friend of mine whom I had worked with at Nelvana, Richard Forg, had a rental house just one street over from the studio. Richard let me stay with him and we split the rent.

Over the next couple of weeks I went out and bought some furniture, a nice couch, television, couple of bookshelves and began to settle in. A couple of weekend trips back home and I had my bed and books moved in as well. Things were looking pretty good.

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