Teddy Ruxpin Animation Posing

There were quite a few people that I knew from Nelvana in the posing department. Bob Jacques, who was also in my class at Sheridan was an excellent animation poser. He is an avid fan of Warner Bros. cartoons, Bob Clampett in particular. He used to bring in his collection of old 16mm films of Warner Cartoons and screen them at night at the school. We'd watch them single frame and analyse the animation (this was in 1978, before video tapes were in every house).

Bob would do some incredible posing for the Teddy Ruxpin show. When he went out for lunch, we used to rummage through his desk to look at his drawings. He revolutionized my drawing during that period. I saw him animating with a Prismacolour pencil crayon and though I'd give it a try. It was amazing the difference that pencil made. Suddenly the drawings just started to come to life. Nobody could ever touch the level that Bob was drawing at though and we were all very jealous of him.

Bob has since gone on to much better things; he's directed many of the original Ren and Stimpy shows for Nickelodeon as well as some of the new Baby Huey series.

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