Teddy Ruxpin Animation Posing

I came across a file that had these animation poses from the 29th show of Teddy Ruxpin. I'm not really sure as to why I kept these all these years.

This is a pose of Tweeg from scene 266. As I remember, Teddy and the gang were in a baseball match against a group of Mud Men. Tweeg was substituting the hotdogs with these prickly plant things that were supposed to give the good guys stomach aches. Here he has just ripped the leaves off one of the pricle plants before sticking it into Grubby's hotdog.

I kind of lucked into the job at Atkinson's. I was working at a studio called "MakeBelieve" which was a farm studio for Hanna-Barbera and Ruby/Spears. A farm studio is a small group of artists who work on a larger companies production from another city or country, in our case Toronto, Canada.

Anyway, to make a long story short, this work lasted about 6 months and then abruptly ended. Now, when I say abruptly, I mean abruptly. I was fully expecting to work the day we all got "laid-off". I walked in and sat down at my desk and was told to start packing my stuff because the studio was closing up. I was shocked as we had no warning that this was about to happen.

I went home and thought for a few minutes and remembered hearing that Atkinson's up in Ottawa had gotten a 64 show series called Teddy Ruxpin.

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