This rendering is from my book, Layout Examples. Here's what I wrote:

Here’s another simple one point perspective. With this one, I’ve chosen a very low horizon line and placed the doorway in the center of the field and made it the focal point for a character to be standing in. All the perspective lines point directly to the character in the doorway.

The background could be painted very dark as though this were at night and the doorway is illuminated and a soft light being cast from a street light outside the window to add some dimensional lighting.

The layout artist should be thinking about what the final background is going to look like. The mood of the scene can be greatly enhanced by the close relationship of the rendering and the composition of the scene.
I’ve done a rough rendering of the layout as it might possibly be painted to give you a sense as to how the dramatic angle adds to the rendering and vice-versa.

The rendering would be done by the layout artist if this were a feature film or possibly by a conceptual designer.
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