Mustapha & Cassim Maquette
Class #2 continued.

Using a sculpting tool, I pressed in around the eye socket to define the eyeball and eyelids.
At this point, the 2nd class was over.

I took the sculpture home and filled in the volume of the turban, completed the right eye and brow, then double checked that all the volumes were where I wanted them to be.

Class #3

I've jumped ahead here to Class 3, after the head was completely defined and the volume on the turban was filled in.

The head is still in rough form and needs to be completely smoothed which is what I focussed on for this entire class.

I went over the entire head using a wooden sculpting tool to smooth the surfaces.

I used the tool at this point rather than my fingers to avoid leaving any finger prints.

I used the tooth pick again for the really fine details, like around the eyes and teeth.

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