Mustapha & Cassim Maquette
Class #1 continued.

With the tooth pick, I "drew" a line across the bottom lip to define the indentation between the lip and the chin. I lightly touched it up and smoothed it out with the sculpting tool.
Did some more thinning on the lower part of the head, stroking upward with my thumb and blending the excess mass into the cheek, which was a bit smaller than the other one..

I blended the back of the neck into the base of the turban.
Touched up the nose to make it symmetrical.
Gave the side of the head behind the eyes more of a pinch.

I began forming the eyes, using a sculpting tool starting with the bottom lid...

...then the top.
Pinched the bridge of the nose to shift the hook a bit.

Smoothing the cheek area...

...and shifting it slightly higher.

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