Mustapha & Cassim Maquette
Class #1 continued.

You don't need to wrap every wire. Use some common sense and look at your design. Look to add between 1/8" - 1/4" over the entire wire frame then determine where to add the foil.

Here's all the foil I'll be adding to the entire sculpture. There's no foil on the arms, Cassim's legs or Mustapha's lower legs as these areas will be around 1/4".
Once again, rotate the sculpture to look at it from all angles. Add more foil where you think it's necessary or press it down to take away.

You might need to glue the foil into place. Remember, you're going to coat the entire thing in Sculpy. At that point you won't need to worry about it falling apart.

The next step is to just start slappin' the Sculpy all over the wire frame at the appropriate thickness. Don't even think about the details at this point. All you're trying to do is get the proportions and volumes correct.

I've added the one big shoulder point on the right side and then blended it into the body.

I shape the left shoulder point in my hand first...

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