Mustapha & Cassim Maquette
Class #1 continued.

The arms needed to be bent a bit more...
...and Cassim's body and legs needed to be bent closer together.

A bit of glue at Mustapha's hands will add more stability... well as a touch more on the hips.

I then measured out the neck and head wire starting from the cross brace on the mid-back, bent it into the proper shape...

...then glued it into position.
Check to make sure all the angles look correct and in proportion. At this stage it will look like an initial line drawing of the pose with just the lines of action running through the character.

Rotate the wire frame and look at it from every possible angle. When the sculpture is completed, people will be looking at it from every angle, so it has to look good.

You can still make minor adjustments after you have the primary layer of Sculpy on but once you start smoothing and adding details, you should have the pose exactly as you want it to end up.

Next, you need to start bulking up the volume of the character. Tear off a strip of aluminum foil about 8" or so long. Lightly crumple it up inot a tube and add it to the wire frame.

The idea here is too add some artificial volume rather than making it solid Sculpy. If it gets too thick, it won't bake completely. The package says to bake it for 15 minutes for every 1/4" thickness. If the thickness is too uneven, you'll end up burning some parts and undercooking others and possibly having the Sculpy crack... that's not good.

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