History of Animation Timeline
15,000 B.C. - 1900 This section is divided up into segments that you can go into and explore based on time.

Using this page as your home base, you can find many interesting things about the history of animation and some general events that are either major milestones from a human historical perspective or events that are directly related to the advancement of animation specifically.

By clicking on the dates shown here, you will be taken to a more detailed timeline that lists the major events of the time period.

By clicking on the links within this timeline you can find more details and images of inventions, events, people, and assorted productions. I've also begun adding links to YouTube pages so you can view many of the cartoons listed. Just be sure to use the "back" button on your browser to get back to this website.

As per usual, this is a work in progress. The information is not by any means exhaustive. I've tried to find as many sources for the information contained. In several cases I found conflicting facts, dates, or details and I apologise for any information that is wrong. If you have any further information regarding the error, please feel free to e-mail me and I'll try to make the corrections.

Bear with me as some of the links may not take you anywhere, eventually they will as I load more stuff on over time.

I've added in some auxillary pages showing some of my favorite animation drawings here.

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Inventions & Events related to Animation

While most of these events may seem obscure, they will give you a better understanding of the progress made over time by mankind in the area of optical manipulation.

You'll also notice how events begin to speed up towards the beginning of the 20th century almost to the point where they become exponential.

1900 - 1910

Early Animation pioneers
Blackton, Barre, McCay
1911 - 1920

Early Animation Studios
Animation Innovations
World War I
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1921 - 1930

Early Sound
Disney, Van Bueren, Iwerks, Harman-Ising
1931 - 1940

Wacky Theatrical Shorts
Warner Bros., M.G.M., Disney, Lantz, Terry
1941 - 1950

The Golden Age
World War II
1951 - 1960

Early Television
Death of Theatrical Shorts
1961 - 1970

Television Series
Limited Animation
1971 - 1980

Saturday Morning Cartoons
1981 - 1990

Rebirth of Theatrical Features
1991 - 2000

Computer Animation
2001 - 2005

Animation Renasance