History of Animation 1961 - 1970
World News
• "Ham" the first American Astrochimp returns from 18 min flight in space
• April 12th - Soviet Astronaut, Yuri Gagarin is 1st human to fly in space
• May 25th - American Astronaut, Allan Shepard is 2nd human in space
• Fidel Castro ends elections and makes Cuba Socialist, aligning itself with the Soviet Union
• "Gus" Grissom, 2nd American in space
• Berlin Wall is erected, dividing the city into 2 sections: East (Communist) and West (Allied)
• U.S. invasion into Cuban "Bay of Pigs"

• Spacewars, 1st video game, developed by Steve Russell at MIT for the PDP-1
• Catalogue (John Whitney)

Animation News
• Voice actor Mel Blanc suffers a crippling auto accident. After 3 weeks in a coma, doctors bring him around by asking “Hey, Bugs Bunny! How’re you feeling today?”, to which Blanc replies “Eh, fine, Doc!” He makes a complete recovery
• Hal Seegar, an e-Fleischer employee contacts Max Fleischer about doing a new "Out Of The Inkwell" series. They produce 100 new Koko cartoons. Max was horrified when he saw them on screen, they were so bad.

• Jack Kirby & Stan Lee create The Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four # 1) for marvel.

• Writer, James Thurber dies at age 66
• Writer, Dashiell Hammett dies
• Actor, Gary Cooper dies at age 60
• Artist, Grandma Moses dies at age 101

• "Breakfast At Tiffany's"
• "West Side Story",
• "The Hustler",
• "Guns of Navarone"

Animated Movies
- 3 new animated feature films premiered this year
• “101 Dalmations”a Walt Disney production
• "Alakazam The Great" a Toei Animation production
• "Of Stars and Men" a John and Faith Hubley production


- 11 new television shows premiered this year
• “The Yogi Bear Show” Hanna Barbera
• "The Alvin Show" a Bagdasarian production
• "The Bullwinkle Show" a Jay Ward production
• "Butch and Billy and Their Bang Bang Western Movies"
• "Calvin and the Colonel" a Kayro production
• "The Dick Tracy Show" a UPA production
• "Foo Foo" a Halas and Batchelor production
• "Snip Snap" a Halas and Batchelor production
• "Tales of the Wizard of Oz" a Videocrafts International production
• "Top Cat" a Hanna Barbera production
• "The Yogi Bear Show" a Hanna Barbera production

Academy Award
• "Ersatz" (The Substitute) a Zagreb film

World News
• The Beatles produce their own 1st album themselves after being rejected by Decca Records
• Astronaut, John Glenn the 1st man to orbit the earth
• U-2 pilot, Gary Powers traded for Soviet spy Rudolf Abel
• President Kennedy orders a ban on Cuban imports
• American satellite "Telstar" sends 1st worldwide television show
• Cuban Missile Crisis
• American satellite, "Mariner2" sends back photos of Venus

• Information International Inc. (Triple I) founded
• Itek begins Electronic Drafting Machine project
• Mr. Computer Image ABC produced on Scanimate by Lee Harrison

Animation News
• Chuck Jones contracts to do another Tom and Jerry series for MGM at $42,000.00 per cartoon. He produces 35 cartoons between 1963 and 1967.
• Bill Tytla returns to Terrytoons briefly to animate and direct on Hector Heathcoate.

• Jack Kirby & Stan Lee create The Mighty Thor in Journey Into Mystery # 83 and The Incredible Hulk in The Incredible Hulk # 1 for Marvel Comics.
• Stanley & Janice Berenstain debut their famous Barenstain Bears series of childrens books with The Big Honey Hunt for Random House Books.
• Harvey kurtzman & Will Elder create "Little Annie Fanny" Strips for Playboy.
• Jack Kirby & Stan Lee create Dr. Doom for Marvel Comics in Fantastic Four # 5.
• Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and Stan Lee team up to create Spider-man for Marvel's Amazing Fantasy # 15.
• DC Comics introduces the concept of Earth II in The Flash # 123.

• Milt Franklyn, Warner Bros. music director who took over for Carl Stalling in 1958

• Actress, Marylin Munroe dies at age 36
• Former 1st lady, Elanor Roosevelt dies

• Actor, Charles Laughton dies at age 63

• "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" by Ken Kesey
• "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess

• "Happiness Is A Warm Puppy" by Charles Schultz

- 2 new animated feature films premiered this year
• "Gay Purr-ee" a UPA production
• "The Incredible Mr. Limpet" a Warner Bros. production

- 8 new television shows premiered this year
• "Beany and Cecil" produced and directed by Bob Clampett begins airing on Matty’s Funnies
• "The Adventures of Lariat Sam" a CBS Terrytoons production
• "The Hanna-Barbera New Cartoon Series" a Hanna Barbera production
• "The Jetsons" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Lippy the Lion" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Space Angel" a Cambria production
• "Touche Turtle" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Wally Gator" a Hanna Barbera production

Academy Award
• "The Hole" by Storyboard Inc.

World News
• 1st metal tennis racquets produced
• Alcatraz prison is closed
• Astronaut Gordon Cooper circles the earth 22 times over 34 hrs
• Soviets put the 1st woman into space, Valentina Tereskova. She circles the earth 48 times over 3 days. An attempt was made to dock with another Soviet craft also in orbit
• Kennedy's speech at the Berlin Wall, "Ich bin ein Berliner"
• Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech
• Great train robbery in England. 2.8 million British Pound notes stolen - the crime has never been solved
• Nov. - President John F. Kennedy is assasinated in Dallas
• Lee Harvey Oswald is killed by Jack Ruby as millions watch on T.V.
• F.B.I. determines that Oswald acted alone
• Washington - Moscow hotline is established

• 1st computer art competition, sponsored by Computers and Automation
• Sketchpad developed beginning in 1961 by Ivan Sutherland at MIT is unveiled
• Mouse invented by Doug Englebart of SRI
• Coons' patches
• 1st (?) computer generated film by Edward Zajac (Bell Labs)
• BEFLIX developed at Bell Labs by Ken Knowlton
• Charles Csuri makes his first computer generated artwork
• DAC-1, first commercial CAD system, developed in 1959 by IBM for General Motors is shown at JCC
• Lockheed Georgia starts graphics activity (Chase Chasen)
• Michael Noll (Bell Labs) starts his Gaussian Quadratic series of artwork
• Roberts hidden line algorithm (MIT)
• The Society for Information Display established
• Fetter of Boeing creates the "First Man" digital human for cockpit studies

Animation News
• Warner Bros. shuts down their animation studio after 32 years.
• Friz Freleng and David H. Depatie lease the physical space at Warner Bros and begin producing their own films starting with commercials.
• Ralph Bakshi directs his first cartoon, "Diamonds in the Rough" starring Deputy Dawg.

• Osamu Tezuka's animated series "Astro Boy" debuts on NBC marking the debute of anime (Japanese Animation) in the United States.

• Children's book illustrater Maurice Sendak publishes his classic childrens book "Where The Wild Things Are".
• Russ Manning's "Magnus: Robot Fighter" comic book series debuts for Gold Key Comics.
• Jack Kirby & Stan Lee create Iron Man for Marvel Comics in Tales of Suspense # 39.
• Steve Ditko & Stan Lee create Dr. Strange in Strange Tales # 110.
• Jack Kirby & Stan Lee create The X-Men for Marvel Comics in The Uncanny X-men # 1.
• The first comic book convetion takes place in New York City.

• Author, Robert Frost dies at age 88
• Artist, Georges Braque - Cubist painter dies at age 85

• Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds"
• Sean Connery stars in "Dr. No" James Bond movie

Animated Movies
- 1 new animated feature film premiered this year
• “Sword in the Stone” a Walt Disney production


- 9 new television shows premiered this year
• "Astro Boy" a Mushi production
• "The Funny Company" a Ken Snyder production
• "The Hector Heathcote Show" a CBS Terytoons production
• "The Jetsons" a Hanna Barbera production
• "The Mighty Hercules" an Oriolo Studios production
• "The New Casper Cartoon Show" a Harvey Films production
• "Rod Rocket" a Filmation production
• "Tennissee Tuxedo and His Tales" a Leonardo TV production
• "Tin Tin" a Tele-Hatchette/Belvision production

Academy Award
• Pintoff-Crossbow Productions "The Critic" (narrated by Mel Brooks)

World News
• Cool Whip is invented
• Beatles invade America
• Cassius Clay becomes the Boxing World Heavyweight Champion at age 22
• Jack Ruby is sentenced to death for killing Lee Harvey Oswald
• Jimmy Hoffa is sentenced to 8 yrs in jail for jury tampering
• Ford Mustang is introduced
• Rolling Stones 1st appear on Ed Sullivan show

• Project MAC (MIT)
• IBM 2250 console ($125,000) introduced with IBM 360 computer
• Poem Field by Stan Vanderbeek and Ken Knowlton
• Itek Digigraphic Program (later Control Data graphics system)
• The BASIC programming language developed by Kurtz and Kemeny
• Ruth Weiss introduces drawing software that performs hidden line elimination
• RAND tablet input device (commercially known as Grafacon)
• compact cassette tape (Phillips)
• Electronic character generator

Animation News
• MGM absorbs Chuck Jones' Tower 12 Productions and renames it MGM Animation/Visual Arts.
• Warner Bros. does an about face and decides to release new theatrical cartoons again. They contract Depatie-Freleng to produce the shorts with a budget of $35,000.00 each. They produce a little over 60 abysmal new cartoons over the next 5 years.

• Marvel Comics' Daredevil debuts in Daredevil # 1.
• Johnny Hart & Brant Parker's "Wizard of Id" strip debuts.

• Seymour Kneitel
• General Douglas MacArthur just fades away at age 84
• Author, Ian Flemming, creator of James Bond dies at age 56
• Commedienne, Gracie Allen dies at age 58
• Actor/ Commedian, Harpo Marx dies at age 70
• Actor/ Entertainer, Eddie Cantor dies at age 72

• Peter Sellers stars in "The Pink Panther"
• Beatles star in "A Hard Day's Night"

Animated Movies
- 2 new animated feature films premiered this year
• “Mary Poppins” a Walt Disney production
• "Hey There, It's Yogi Bear" a Hanna Barbera production


• "Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer" a Rankin-Bass production


- 8 new television shows premiered this year
• “Magilla Gorilla” a Hanna Barbera production
• The Adventures of Hoppity Hooper" a Hanna Barbera production
• "The Adventures of Jonny Quest" a Hanna Barbera production
• "The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo" a UPA production
• “A False Hare” Warner Bros. last Bugs Bunny theatrical short for 25 years
• "Linus the Lionhearted" an Ed Graham/Format Films production
• "Peter Potamus and his Magic Flying Balloon" a Hanna Barbera production
• "The Porky Pig Show" a Warner Bros. production

Academy Award
• Depate-Freleng's "The Pink Phink" (Pink Panther)

World News
• Winston Churchill dies at age 90
• Skateboards become the rage
• Malcolm X (a.k.a. Malcolm Little) is assassinated
• Soviet cosmonauts space walk
• U.S. oficially becomes involved in the Vietnam War

• 1st computer art exhibition, at Technische Hochschule in Stuttgart
• 1st U.S. computer art exhibition, at Howard Wise Gallery in New York
• Dolby Laboratories founded by Ray Dolby, inventor of the first videotape recorder (1956)
• Adage founded
• Roberts introduces homogeneous coordinates (Ref: Roberts, Lawrence G. 1965. Homogenous Matrix Representation and Manipulation of N-Dimensional Constructs, MS-1505. MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, Mass. )
• Utah computer science department founded
• Bresenham Algorithm for plotting lines )
• Tektronix Direct View Storage Tube (DVST)
• CADAM developed at Lockheed; CADD developed at McDonnell Douglas
• Project DEMAND consortium (IBM, Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas, Rockwell, TRW, Rolls Royce)
• BBN Teleputer uses Tektronix CRT

Animation News
• Shamus Culhane takes over as head of the Paramount studio

• Jack Kirby & Stan Lee create Nick Fury, Agent of Shield for marvel's Strange Tales # 135.
• "A Charlie Brown Christmas" becomes the first on many animated holiday specials based on Charles Shultz's Peanuts comic strip.
• Shel Silverstien pulishes his first children's book "The Giving Tree". It is an instant classic.
• Creepy and Eerie begins publishing by Warren Pubs. These mags re-unite the EC Comics artists.
• Jules Fieffer's book "The Great Comic Book Heros" is published by Dial Press (Crown Publishers).
• Robert Crumb publishes Fritz The Cat.

• Stan Laurel, commedian
• Author, T.S. Eliot dies at age 76

• "Willy McBean and His Magic Flute" an Arthur Rankin Jr./ Videocraft production
• "A Charlie Brown Christmas" a Lee Mendelson-Bill Melendez production
• "Christmas Lost and Found" a Clokey production

• Anthony Quinn stars in "Zorba The Greek"
• Julie Andrews stars in "The Sound Of Music"

Animated Movies
- 2 new animated feature films premiered this year
• "The Man From Button Willow" an Eagle Film production
• "Pinocchio in Outer Space" a Swallow/Belvision production


- 15 new television shows premiered this year
• "The Astronut Show" a Terrytoons production
• "The Atom Ant/Secet Squirrel Show" a Hanna Barbera production
• "The Beatles" a King Features production
• "The Big World of Little Adam" a Little Adam production
• "Do Do - The Kid From Outer Space" a Halas and Batchelor production
• "The Eighth Man" a TCJ Animation Center production
• "JOT" a Southern Baptist production
• "Mighty Mr. Titan" a Mister Titan/Trans-Lux production
• "Milton the Monster" a Hal Seeger production
• "The New Three Stooges" a Cambria Studios production
• "Roger Ramjet" a Ken Snyder Production
• "Sinbad Jr., the Sailor" a Sam Singer/Hanna Barbera production
• "Storytoon Express" a Republic Pictures production
• "The Tom and Jerry Show" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Uncle Waldo" a Jay Ward production

Academy Award
• MGM's "The Dot and the Line"

World News
• Beach Boys
• "Surveyor I" lands on the moon and sends back pictures
• Actor, Ronald Reagan elected Governor of California
• Mini Skirts

• Odyssey, home video game developed by Ralph Baer of Sanders Assoc., is 1st consumer CG product
• Group 1 FAX machines (using CCITT compression)
• Lincoln Wand developed
• Plasma Panel introduced (first developed at Illinois in 1964 as part of the PLATO project)
• Studies in Perception I by Ken Knowlton and Leon Harmon (Bell Labs)
• MAGI founded by Phil Mittleman
• Joint Defense Department / Industry symposium on CAD/NC held in Oklahoma City
• IBM awards Artist-in-Residence to John Whitney, Sr.
• Loutrel hidden line algorithm

Animation News
• Steven Krantz approaches Paramount to help produce The Might Thor cartoons.
• Krantz returns to ask Paramount to help produce the Spider-man cartoons but they back away. Shamus Culhane leaves the studio to form his own production company. (Part of the production is done in Toronto, Canada which eventually opened the way for other studios as well as the opening of an animation school at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario.)
• Ralph Bakshi is named Supervising Director of Terrytoons
• Ralph Bakshi leaves Terrytoons and replaces Shamus Culhane at the Paramount Cartoon Studio.

• The Grantray- Lawrance animated series Marvel Superheros debuts. The crudely animated cartoon segments feature Captian America, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and The Sub-Mariner in solo stories.
• Jim Steranko begins his run drawing Nick Fury in Strange Tales # 151.
• Hanna-Barbera's animated TV series "Space Ghost" created by comic book legend Alex Toth, debuts on Saterday Morning. • The Live action Tarzan television series debuts starring Ron Ely as Tarzan.
• Ralph Bakshi creates and directs "The Mighty Heros" animated series for TerryToons.
• Chuck Jones directs th animated adaption of Dr. Zuess' "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" for television.
• Walt Disney dies, on December 15.
• "The "Superman" cartoon series debuts on TV, it is Filmation's first animated series.
• The City Museum of Cartoon Art inaugurated in Omiya, Japan. The first museum devoted to comic art.
• "The Batman Movie" debuts starring Adam West (Batman), Burt Ward (Robin), Ceaser Romero (The Joker), Frank Gorshin (The Riddler), Lee Meriwether (Catwoman), and Burgess Meredith (The Penguin).
• Jack Kirby & Stan Lee create The Silver Surfer, Galactus, and The Watcher for Marvel Comics in Fantastic Four # 48.
• "The "Batman" TV series starring Adam West (Batman) and Burt Ward (Robin) debuts setting off a national Batman fad.

• Walt Disney, 65 yrs old, dies (1901 - 1966).
• Actor, Montgomery Cliff dies at age 45

• "Fantastic Voyage"
• "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
• "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?"

Animated Movies
- 5 new animated feature films premiered this year
• “Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree” a Walt Disney production
• "The Daydreamer" a Joseph E. Levine/Arthur Rankin Jr. production
• "A Man Called Flintstone" a Hanna Barbera production
• "The Wacky World of Mother Goose" a Videocraft International production
• "Charlie Brown's All-Stars" a Lee Mendelson-Bill Melendez production

• "Alice in Wonderland" a Hanna Barbera production
• "The Ballad of Smokey the Bear" a Rankin-Bass production

• "Dr. Seuss' How The grinch Stole Christmas" a Chuck Jones production

• "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" a Lee Mendelson-Bill Melendez production

• "The King Kong Show" a Rankin-Bass production


- 20 new television shows premiered this year
• "The Beagles" a Total Television production
• "Captain Fathom" a Cambria Studios production
• "Cartoon Capers" a Thea/Telewide production
• "Cool McCool" a Cavalier?King Features production
• "Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Gigantor" a TCJ Animation Center production
• "Kimba, the White Lion" a Mushi Studios production
• "The King Kong Show" a Rankin-Bass production
• "Laurel and Hardy" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Lone Ranger" a Lone Ranger production
• "Marine Boy" a Japan Telecartoons/ Seven Arts production
• "Marvel Superheroes" a Gantray-Lawrence production
• "The Mighty Heroes" a Terrytoon production
• "The New Adventures of Superman" a Filmation production
• "The Peter Potamus Show" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Prince Planet" a TCJ Animation Center production
• "The Road Runner Show" a Warner Bros. production
• "Space Ghost and Dino Boy" a Hanna Barbera production
• "The Super Six" a Depatie-Freleng production
• "Zoran, Space Boy" a Global production

Academy Award
• Hubley Studio's "Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Double Feature"

World News
• 3 astronauts die in launch pad fire aboard Apollo 1
• Muhammad Ali is stripped of his boxing title for refusing to be inducted into military service
• Elvis and Pricilla are married
• The Beatles, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album
• U.N. forces withdraw from Egypt/Israeli border as war tensions mount
• Israeli, "6 Day War"
• Concord jet, world's 1st supersonic airliner
• 1st heart transplant
• 1st microwave oven

• Appel hidden line algorithm
• Steven Coons publishes his surface patch "little red book"
• Sine Curve Man and Hummingbird created by Chuck Csuri
• Adage real time 3D line drawing system
• Lee Harrison's ANIMAC graphic device
• GE introduces first full color real time interactive flight simulator for NASA - Rod Rougelet
• Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) started in New York by artists Rauschenberg and Kluver
• MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies founded by Gyorgy Kepes
• Instant replay and Slo-Mo introduced using Ampex HS-100 disc recorder
• Cornell's program started in Architecture by Don Greenberg
• 1/2 inch open reel video tape recorder

Animation News
• The Paramount Studio shuts down.
• MGM releases the last of the new Tom and Jerry cartoons and shuts down their studio
• Warner Bros. decides to reorganize their own animation studio. Depatie-Freleng are forced to move their studio.
• Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada begins it’s Classical Animation program, producing many of the new young key animators in the industry. This move sparks the practically non-existant industry in the Toronto area. During the late 90’s, Toronto will become one of the major producers of television animation

• "Speed Racer" (Mach Go Go Go) the popular anime series debuts in the U.S. it will become one of the most popular animated series to come out of Japan.
• Zap Comics # 0 debuts. The series would include Gilbert Shelton's Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Robert Crumb's Mr. Natural, Robert William's Cootchi Cooti, Spain's Trashman, & S. Clay Wilson's Checkered Demon. The series would give a big boost to the budding Underground Comics movement.
• Ralph Bakshi directs the "Spider-man" animated series.
• Rankin & Bass debut their stop motion animated feature "Mad Monster Party". The film stars legandary horror icon Boris Karloff, and featurses the writing talents of Mad Magazine creater Harvey Kurtzman, and character designs from vetran Mad magazine & EC comics artist Jack Davis. The film becomes a cult hit and is a big influence on a Tim Burton"s "Nightmare before Christmas".

• Walt Disney, 65 yrs old, dies (1901 - 1966).
• Actor, Montgomery Cliff dies at age 45
• Actor, Claude Rains dies at age 77
• Actor, Basil Rathbone dies at age 75
• Actress, Vivien Leigh dies at age 53
• Actress Jayne Mansfield dies in car crash

• Warren Beatty stars in"Bonnie & Clyde"
• Dustin Hoffman stars in "The Graduate"
• Jane Fonda stars in "Barbarella"
• Sidney Poitier stars in "In The Heat Of The Night" and "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?"
• "Cool Hand Luke"
• "Dr. Dolittle"

Animated Movies
- 4 new animated feature films premiered this year
• “The Jungle Book” a Walt Disney production
• “Jack and the Beanstalk” Hanna Barbera
• "Mad Monster Party" aVideocraft International production
• "The Cricket on the Hearth" a Rankin-Bass production

• "Happy Easter" a Clokey production

• "Jack and the Beanstalk" a Hanna Barbera production


- 23 new television shows premiered this year
• "Abbott and Costello" a Hanna Barbera production
• "The Amazing Three" a Mushi/Erika production
• "Animatoons" an Animatoons production
• "The Atom Ant Show" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Batfink" a Hal Seeger production
• "Birdman and the Galaxy Trio" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Cyborg Big "X" a Global/Transglobal production
• "The Fatastic Four" a Hanna Barbera production
• "George of the Jungle" a Jay Ward production
• "Go Go Gophers" a Total TV production
• "The Herculoids" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Johnny Cypher In Dimension Zero" a Seven Arts production
• "Journey to the Center of the Earth" a Columbia Tristar production
• "Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor" a Hanna Barbera Production
• "Off To See the Wizard" an MGM Television production
• "Rocket Robin Hood and His Merry Spacemen" a Trilliuym/Steve Krantz production
• "Samson and Goliath" a Hanna Barbera production
• "The Secret Squirrel Show" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Spider-man" a Gantray-Lawrence and Krantz production
• "The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure"
• "Super President and Spy Shadow" a Depatie-Freleng production
• "Yogi and His Friends" a Hanna Barbera production

Academy Award
• "The Box" by Murakami-Wolf Films

World News
• The “Big Mac” is invented.
• Vietnam "Tet Offensive"
• Martin Luther King is assasinated in Memphis, Tennessee at age 39
• Pierre Trudeau is elected Prime Minister of Canada
• Robert Kennedy is assassinated in Los Angeles at age 38
• Artist, Andy Warhol is shot by actress
• Army takes power in China
• Jackie Kennedy marries Greek millionaire Aristotle Onassis
• President Johnson halts bombing in Vietnam
• Apollo 8 spaceship orbits the moon
• "Saturday Evening Post" magazine ends its prnt run after 141 years - featured Norman Rockwell covers

• DEC 338 intelligent graphics terminal
• Tektronix 4010
• Intel founded
• University of Utah asks Dave Evans to form a CG department in computer science
• Warnock algorithm
• Watkins algorithm
• Edsger Dijkstra writes article "Go To Statement Considered Harmful" which signals beginning of structured programming
• Cybernetic Serendipity: The Computer and the Arts exhibition at London Institute of Contemporary Arts
• Csuri's Hummingbird purchased by Museum of Modern Art for permanent collection
• Permutations - John Whitney, Sr.
• Sutherland Head Mounted Display (Sword of Damocles), developed in 1966, shown (AFIPS Conference)
• Evans & Sutherland Calma, Computek, Houston Instrument, Imlac founded
• ARDS terminal, Computek 400 terminal
• LDS-1 ($250,000) from E&S introduces line clipping

Animation News
• The last Terrytoons cartoons are produced and the studio is shut down.
• Max Fleischer and his wife move to the Motion Picture Country Home in California.

• Maurice Horn's book "A History of The American Comic Strip" is published.
• Phil Sueling, a high school English teacher sponsors The New York Comic Art Convention over the July 4th weekend at the Statler Hilton Hotel signaling the organization of comics fandom.

Vladimir "Bill" Tytla, 64 yrs old, (1904 - 1968).
• Hellen Keller dies at age 87
• Author, John Steinbeck dies at age 66

Animation Movies
- 2 new animated feature films premiered this year
• Disney studio releases “The Aristocats”
• "Yellow Submarine" an Apple Films/ King Features production

• "Babar, The Little Elephant" a Lee Mendelson-Bill Melendez production

• "The Fabulous Shorts" a Lee Mendelson production

• "He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown" a Lee Mendelson-Bill Melendez production
• "Little Drummer Boy" a Videocraft production


- 9 new television shows premiered this year
• "The Adventures of Gulliver" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Aquaman" a Filmation production
• "The Batman/Superman Hour" a Filmation production
• "The Archie Show" a Filmation production
• "Arthur and the Square Knights of the Round Table" an Air Programs International production
• "The Banana Splits Adventure Hour" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Fantastic Voyage" a Filmation production
• "The New Adventures of Huck Finn" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Wacky Races" a Hanna Barbera production

Academy Award
• Disney's "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day "

World News
• Richard Nixon becomes President of U.S.
• Yasir Arafat becomes leader of Palestine Liberation Organization (P.L.O.)
• 1st commercial flight of the Concorde
• 1st implant of total artificial heart
• Apollo 11 lands on the moon
• Neil Armstrong, 1st man to walk on the moon
• 747 airliner introduced (Jumbo Jet)
• Woodstock music festival
• War protesters march on Washington
• Apollo 12 lands on the moon
• Actress, Sharon Tate murdered by Charles Manson and gang

• Computer Image Corporation founded
• UNIX developed by Thompson and Ritchie at Bell Labs (in PDP-7 assembly code)
• SCANIMATE commercialized - Lee Harrison
• Genesys animation system - Ron Baecker
• GRAIL  (Graphics Input Language) developed at Rand
• Computer Space arcade game built by Nolan Bushnell
• Xerox PARC founded
• Lee Harrison's CAESAR animation system
• Bell Labs builds first framebuffer (3 bits)
• Sony U-Matic 3/4" video cassette
• Intel introduces the 1 KB RAM chip
• 1st use of CGI for commercials - MAGI for IBM
• Graphical User Interface (GUI) developed by Xerox (Alan Kay)
• SIGGRAPH formed (began as special interest committee in 1967 by Sam Matsa and Andy vanDam)
• ComputerVision, Applicon, Vector General founded
• ARPANET is born

Animation News
• Warner Bros. last short cartoon “Rabbit Stew and Rabbits Too”. The studio is closed.

• "The Collected Works of "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" is published by Chelsea House.

• Actor, Boris Karloff diesat age 81
• Actress, Judy Garland dies at age 47


• "Easy Rider"
• "Midnight Cowboy"
• "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"
• "Hello Dolly"

Animated Movies
- 1 new animated feature film premiered this year
• "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" a Lee Mendelson-Bill Melendez production


• "Archie and His New Friends" a Filmation production

• "Frosty The Snowman" a Rankin-Bass production

• "Hey, Hey, Hey, It's Fat Albert" a Filmation production

• "It Was A Short Summer, Charlie Brown" a Lee Mendelson-Bill Melendez production


• Sesame Stree premiers on T.V.
• Smothers Bros. T.V. show is cancelled for being too controversial
• "Star Trek" is cancelled

- 15 new animated television shows premiered this year
• "The Adventures of Batman" a Filmation production
• "The Archie Comedy Hour" a Filmation production
• "The Catanooga Cats" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Dasterdly and Muttley in their Flying Machines" a Hanna Barbera production
• "The Dudley DoRight Show" a Jay Ward production
• "The Hardy Boys" a Filmation production
• "Here Comes the Grump" a Depatie-Freleng production
• "Hot Wheels" a Pantomime Pictures/Ken Snyder production
• "Max the 2000 Year Old Mouse" a Krantz Animation production
• "The Perils of Penelope Pitstop" a Hanna Barbera production
• "The Pink Panther Show" a Depatie-Freleng production
• "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Sky Hawks" a Pantomime Pictures/Ken Snyder production
• "The Smokey Bear Show" a Rankin-Bass production
• "Taro, Giant of the Jungle" a Global production

Academy Award
• Disney's "It's Tough to be a Bird"

World News
• Millions of Americans march in the 1st celebration of "Earth Day"
• The Beatles break up
• Kent State shootings
• Homosexuals protest in N.Y. for gay rights

• Sonic Pen 3-D input device
• ISSCO (Integrated Software Systems Corporation ) founded (marketed DISSPLA software) by Peter Preuss
• Watkins algorithm for visible surfaces
• Pascal programming language developed by Wirth
• Imlac PDS-1 programmable graphics computer marketed
• John Staudhammer starts NCSU Graphics Lab at NC State
• Pierre Bezier from Renault develops Bezier freeform curve representation

Animation News
• Rankin & Bass' stop motion animated Holiday Special "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" debuts.

• Marvel Comics debut Conan The Barbarian # 1, based on Robert E. Howard"s classic pulp stories, written by Roy Thomas and illustrated by Barry Windsor-Smith.
• Tom Batuik debuts his teenaged comic strip Funky Winkerbean.
• Russell Myers' "Broom Hilda" strip debuts.
• Gary Trudeau's "Doonsbury" strip begins syndication.
• DC Comics try to incorporate relevant social issues into comic book storylines with Green Lantern/Green Arrow # 76 written & drwn by Denny O' neil & Neil Adams. .
• Bill Griffith's "Zippy The Pinhead" strip debuts in the comic book Real Pulp # 1.

• Disney artist Gustav Tenngren
• Singer, Jimi Hendrix dies at age 27 of drug overdose
• Singer, Janis Joplin dies at age 27 of drug overdose
• President of France,Charles De Gaulle dies of durg overdose (oops, sorry that's not right, it was old age)

• "True Grit"
• "Catch 22"
• "M*A*S*H"
• "Patton"

Animated Movies
- 3 new animated feature films premiered this year
• "The Aristocats" a Walt Disney production
• "The Phantom Toll Booth" a Chuck Jones production
• "Santa and the Three Bears" an R and S Film Enterprises production

• “Where’s Huddles” Hanna Barbera
• "The Archie, Sugar Sugar, Jingle Jangle Show" a Filmation production
• "A Christmas Carol" an Air Programs International production
• "Christmas Is" a Screen Images production
• "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" an Air Programs International production
• "Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who" a Chuck Jones production
• "Goldilocks" a Depatie-Freleng production
• "The Mad, Mad, Mad Comedians" a Bruce Stark production


- 11 new television shows premiered this year
• "Archie's Funhouse Featuring the Giant Jukebox" a Filmation production
• "The Further Adventures of Dr. Dolittle" a Depatie-Freleng production
• "The Harlem Globe Trotters" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Josie and the Pussycats" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Motor Mouse and Auto Cat" a Hanna Barbera production
• "The Pink Panther Meets the Ant and the Aardvark" a Depatie-Freleng production
• "The Reluctant Dragon and Mr. Toad" a Rankin-Bass production
• "Sabrina and the Groovie Goolies" a Filmation production
• "The Tomfoolery's Show" a Halas and Batchelor production
• "Where's Huddles?" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Will the Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down?" a Filmation production

Academy Award
• Stephen Bosustow's "Is it Always Right to be Right?"

1971 - 1980

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