I'm really interested! What should I do now?

If you’re really interested in having your portfolio reviewed there are a few things that need to be made very clear.

Any critique of a portfolio is subjective.
This means that different people can have different opinions about the same thing. While Brian says that he will review and critique your portfolio this does not mean that it is a formal assessment. A formal assessment is where portfolios are looked at and assigned a “grade”. In the college system this is usually out of 10, 1 being “pretty bad” and 10 being “really good”. Brian will not “assess” your portfolio and “grade it”.

Brian will simply be offering his opinion as to what is working well in your portfolio and what is not. A “positive critique” of your portfolio does not necessarily mean that your portfolio will get you accepted into a program or studio. While on the opposite side, a “negative review” does not necessarily mean that a program or studio would not accept you. It really all depends on who else is applying at the time you are. If your portfolio is the best of the lot to be sent in, then you’ll probably get accepted.

It should also be clearly understood that the Portfolio Review process is not an offer of potential employment with The Animated Cartoon Factory, however, The Animated Cartoon Factory does, at it's own discretion, reserve the right to offer potential employment to anyone it deems appropriate.

O.k., now here's all you do:

If you would like to have your portfolio reviewed by Brian Lemay, just complete the following steps:

1) Go to the Portfolio Guidelines page and read it over first.

2) Decide which portfolio you're going to submit.

3) Put the portfolio together.

4) Gather all the additional elements needed to review the portfolio (Portfolio Requirements)

5) Include the appropriate cheque amount ($95.00 for School or $150.00 for Studio)

6) Pack up all the stuff you'll be sending for assessment. Be sure everything is in there. Include your home address and e-mail address so we can let you know that we've received the portfolio and then let you know when it's been sent back.

7) Send it off by mail to:

The Animated Cartoon Factory
Portfolio Review
Suite 1422
1011 Upper Middle Rd.
Oakville, Ontario
L6H 5Z9

The overall process should take about 4 weeks depending on how many portfolios come in or how busy things get.

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