Assignment 1b
Introductory level

This first assignment has two keys: #1 and #4. There are two inbetweens #2 and 3.

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You are to draw 2 inbetweens. #2 is half and #3 is a quarter into Key 4.

This may seem like a really easy assignment, and it actually is, but you need to think about what is happening.

The line is coming down on an angle and impacts on a surface then coils up like a spring. A pure 1/2 inbetween would show the line coiling up completely along it's entire length - from tip-to-tip. However, if this were to actually take place, only the lower part of the line would be initially effected by the impact on the surface. The coiling would be slightly more compressed (but still more open than in #4) at the lower end and open up more towards the top, with perhaps the upper 1/3 still straight along the path of action.

Inbetween #3 would follow the same premise with it continuing to collapse in a cascading action.

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