Double Ball with a Tail

Thought Process
Take out your Double Ball Bounce assignment drawings and begin with #5. This is the ball in the middle of dropping down. The balls are moving at their fastest speed. We know that the tail will be dragging straight down.

Continue through with each drawing in order following the path of action.

In drawings 7 and 8, you can see that the tail goes from pointing straight up to pointing sraight down. You can't have something move 180? without an inbetween to fill in the gap. If you don't, the tail will appear to pop from up to down very abruptly.

By putting in a drawing 7A, it will smooth out the action. Shoot 7 and 7a on 1s to keep the timing the same as before.

Here's the path of action for the tail on drawings 11 through 5.

In-class Demo

Daffy Duck bounce Part 1
Daffy Duck Part 2
Final Color Animation of Daffy Duck bounce
Adding Antenna to the Snail Part 3
Final color Animation of Snail bounce


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