This is a very small selection of some of the stuff that I've worked on as either an Assistant Animator or as Animator. The main reason it's a small selection is that I rarely get a copy of the stuff that I've worked on. The old stuff from way back, I just happened to accidentally catch it off the television while I was video taping something else.

More recently, some of the old shows that I worked on as a Layout Artist or Character Designer have come out on DVD, so I'll eventually put together little show reels of my work from them.

Since I started teaching back in 1988, I haven't done very much actual animation for production and anything that I have worked on, I simply don't have copies of - things like music videos, etc.

Some of the most recent stuff are things for either the students as assignment demos, examples from my books, or things just for fun for myself.

To view the specific animations, just click on any of the images below. They will take you to a separate page with more of the story behind the project.

"Zombies don't sound like that!" 11 Second Club June 2010

17th place this month... again!? out of 158 entries. Scored 6.24

"Easter Bunny Try-outs" 11 Second Club March 2010

17th place this month out of 153 entries. Scored 6.28 ... Yikes! I knew I wasn't in the top 5, but still... some tough scoring goin' on here.

"Gettin' Jiggy with it" 11 Second Club February 2010

Came in 8th place this time out of 120 entries. Scored 7.3

Coming soon "You're an Inhuman Monster!" 11 Second Club December 2009

(Don't worry, these aren't the final colors)



11 Second Club November 2009 work in progress "Morbidly obese dog"

Ran out of time and didn't enter this month due to a week long vacation in Mexico. (I'll try to finish this one up soon.)

11 Second Club October 2009 entry "Charlie & Fred again in "T.V. is power"

Jumped back up to 6th place this time. Still need to finish coloring. Scored 7.23

11 Second Club September 2009 entry "Cafeteria Lady"

Dropped way down to 28th place this month with a score of 5.73.

11 Second Club August 2009 entry "I'm not sure what we've got here Charlie..."

Came in 5th place with this one. Scored 7.62

11 Second Club July 2009 entry "Baby Dragon"

Came in 2nd out of 62 entries with a score of 7.74 under the psudenym "David Cunningham"


Two Character lip sync (work in progress)


"I'm a tiger" lip sync


Scarios commercial


Circle Square kids show "Fear" cartoon


Planters Peanuts commercial


Hostess Tortillas "Carmen Munchita" commercial