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Volume 121, May 1911.

Windsor McCay
Releases "Little Nemo"

Working in india ink on translucent rice paper, Windsor McCay drew 4000 pictures of his "Little Nemo " caharacters. Using a wooden holder and cross hairs in the corners to keep the papers in register, he animateted the entire film. Filmed at Blackton's Vitagraph Studio in Brooklyn, New York with the live action prologue directed by Blackton, it was completed in January of this year.

McCay then hand tinted each frame to match the colors of the comic strip. The film was then premiered on April 12th at the Colonial Theatre in New York as part of McCay's vaudeville act.

McCay has already begun work on his next film, "How A Mosquito Operates".

Hand tinted frames from the film
Happy Birthday's This Year:

• John Lounsbery, animator (1911 - 1976)
Joe Barbera, animation producer (1911 - 2002)
Robert McKimson (1911 - 1977)

McCay hard at work
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