“It’s Alive“ Storyboards

Storyboards are a lot like comic strips. They are single panels of artwork that show the camera angle and character action within each scene of the cartoon. Each individual frame is called a panel or more accurately, a ‘storyboard panel’. There may be only one storyboard panel per scene or there may be two, three, four or more. As many panels or drawings as are required to describe what’s going to happen within that particular shot or scene.

Some storyboard panels are very rough and some are almost like the finished artwork that appears in the final film. It all depends on the budget, artist, time to complete the storyboard, and who you’re going to present it to.

The storyboards presented on this page are from a short film I started working on back in 1987. It wasn’t for any company or producer, it was just for the fun of doing it. I started off with the storyboard panel for scene 3, as a static piece of artwork. then I decided to develop a story around the image and came up with the premise then the script and finally the finished storyboards.

These were a combination of art direction and storyboarding. I drew them in col-erase blue first as roughs then inked the drawings with a pilot fine liner. The panels were colored with Pantone markers and the backgrounds were airbrushed with a Letrajet and Tria Pantone markers.

Click on each of the thumbnails below to see the storyboards and read some more about each scene.
Scene 1 panel 1
Scene 1 panel 2
Scene 2 panel 1
Scene 2 panel 2
Scene 2 panel 3
Scene 3 panel 1
Scene 4 panel 1
Scene 5 panel 1
Scene 6 panel 1
Scene 7 panel 1
Scene 8 panel 1
Scene 9 panel 1
Scene 10 panel 1
Scene 11 panel 1
Scene 12 panel 1
Scene 12 panel 2
Scene 13 panel 1
Scene 13 panel 2
Scene 14 panel 1
Scene 15 panel 1
Scene 16 panel 1
Scene 16 panel 2
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