Rock & Rule
Here are some animation drawings that I did for the production of Rock and Rule.

The first 10 are of the Beast from the end of the film. These are all the key drawings from Scene V-10-11.

The drawing that looks like a flying bat is of the beast as he comes up the "dimensional well" for his first appearance.

The rendering is done in charcoal. This was done by someone else from one of my animation drawings.

Quadhole's car comming to a stop and two key poses of Stretch.

Click on any one of them to take you to a larger image.

B-1 Sc# V-10-11
B-7 Sc# V-10-11
B-15 Sc# V-10-11
B-25 Sc# V-10-11
B-29 Sc# V-10-11
B-36 Sc# V-10-11
B-51 Sc# V-10-11
B-61 Sc# V-10-11
B-66 Sc# V-10-11
B-71 Sc# V-10-11
Scene V-6-5
Charcoal Rendering
Quadhole's car

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