Layouts are the stage between storyboarding and animation. It's the full planning stage that sets the information from the storyboard into the full size that both the animator and the background artist will work from.

A layout involves not just the background drawing but also the posing of the character within the scene, and the technical information needed for shooting the scene.

I began working in layouts out of necessity in 1984. The only job available at the time was layouts on the Ewoks & Droids Shows which were an offshoot of the Star Wars movies. Return of the Jedi had just been released in 1983 and the Ewok creatures were prime material for Saturday morning programming. There were 9 shows in each series and they were clustered into 3 show stories. I started working on the Ewok series and did 3 shows but got really sick of drawing trees all the time so I asked to be switched over to the Droids series. I loved drawing perspective so the Droids shows were a good fit for me. The layouts shown here are from my 3 Layout books: Layout and Design Made Amazingly Simple, The Advanced Layout and Design Workbook, and Layout Examples.

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