Assorted Freelance Illustrations

Since my entire background had been in cartoons, most of my freelance work was in this same realm. I started doing freelance jobs after I was first laid off from my full time job as an assistant animator at Nelvana in 1982. Let me explain this first. When you're working for a studio and they are working on a production, they only work on it until the show is finished. I began working in May of 1980 on a movie called Rock and Rule. The production for this movie ended in October of 1982. Since the movie was finished, they didn't need us anymore so, they laid many of us off so they don't have to keep paying us. Makes sense, huh?

So, here I am not getting paid and I've gotta make money somehow, so I went around looking for work. I found some at an advertising agency who had contracts with Kellogg's and Nestle's.

I did a few odd jobs for them, doing cereal packages, coloring books, Rub-down transfers and stuff like that. Like most artists just starting out, I had no idea as to how much to charge. Years later I realized just how much I was under bidding for the jobs. One black and white illustration job I bid $100.00 for and realized later that the guy who did the coloring on it got paid $600.00.

It's so difficult trying to figure out how much to charge on a freelance job. Just last year I overbid myself out of a job doing a game board. The problem is, the client will rarely ever tell you how much they're willing to spend, so you just end up guessing.

These are just a few of the designs that I did for the agency before starting on a job.

Snap, Crackle & Pop and Toucan Sam

Quick Rabbit and Friends

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